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Versatube pipe fitting system

 Versatube pipe fitting system

Ideal for mild steel or aluminium tubing, a steel ferrule is compressed onto the tube by tightening a steel compression nut. A good seal is achieved along with a strong tube plumbing line which is compatable with all JIC AN male ports. The 37deg flare is part of the compressed ferrule.


When making the initial tightening of the Versatube end use only a steel male JIC nipple. The action of tightening the nut crushes the ferrule onto the tube to create the seal and tube grip. Aluminium threads may be damaged or strip before the union has been tightened sufficiently to ensure the ferrule is fully compressed and sealed onto the tubing. Once sealed the Versatube can be used on aluminium adaptors and fittings without problems.

Sold as a ferrule and nut set in sizes listed below.