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Transmission oil cooler kit - Speedflow black hose ends

No. Hose Seperators
Hose no.1 first hose end type
Hose no.1 second hose end type
Hose no.1 overall length - seat to seat
Hose no.2 first hose end type
Hose no.2 second hose end type
Hose no2 overall length - seat to seat
Total length of hose used
Gearbox adaptors

Our Price: £211.15

These kits utilise the very best components, no compromise on quality or specification. The hose ends are Speedflow black anodised 100 series hose ends. The hose is Speedflow 100 series stainless steel nitrile rubber hose, it looks impressive and has a high wear resistance.

We make these kits to your specification and offer them at a reduced price when compared to purchasing the components individually.   

If you are unsure of exact hose lengths we offer to fit up one end of the hose - send them to you so you can fit them up and mark exactly where the other ends need to be fitted. You send them back and we fit up the other missing ends at no additional cost - all you pay is the delivery charges.

Our Transmission cooler kit price is based upon the following specification, however there are many options for you to choose and they will highlight any price changes. 

  • Adaptors - Anodised aluminium adaptors that fit into your gearbox take off points and give -06 JIC male fittings are included. If we do not list your version, please call us, I am sure we will have the correct adaptors in stock
  • Oil Cooler - comes with a 13 row 235mm matrix oil cooler.  Colour may vary from picture - please check when ordering if this is an issue.
  • Speedflow black anodised hose ends - comes with 2 x -06 45deg hose ends and 2 x -06 90deg hose ends, straight hose ends are an option and can be confirmed by using the drop down boxes below. 
  • Speedflow hose - Stainless steel braided nitrile rubber hose -06 JIC, as standard we allow for 4mtrs but you can change this by confirming the length below. 
  • Hose separators - comes with six  Speedflow black anodised aluminium hose separators to keep hoses tidy - you can choose more if required 
  • Fittings - Stainless steel M6 cap head bolts (x8), stainless steel M6 nylock nuts (x8) and stainless steel washers (x16) to secure the oil cooler in position.
  • Hose ends fitted to hose prior to dispatch - ready for you to use.

The above parts list would normally retail in excess of £255.00, as a package we offer the above parts for £205 (inc making up hoses).

There are many options, including hose end types, length of hose and how many hose separators you can have - these may vary the price and this will be shown against each option. Please use the boxes below to confirm your exact requirements, or call our office - we are pleased to assist and advise on the best choices for your application.

A specification summary and any price changes will be shown at the shopping cart.

Please use the options below to confirm your exact requirements, or call our office - we are pleased to assist and advise on the best choices for your application.