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Steel Oil Hose Fitting BSP 45 deg


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Steel Oil Hose Fitting BSP 45 deg - Speedflow
oil hose fitting BSP 45 deg femaleThis is our range of BSP 45 deg Swivel Female Oil Hose Fittings machined from steel. Use the drop down box (above) to confirm the size you require.

The steel oil hose fittings are popular with many Motor Sport enthusiasts and car builders. They represent a cost effective alternative to our Aluminium hose fittings yet maintain a very high specification. They are fully compatible with automotive fluids.

The Steel Oil Hose Fitting BSP 45 deg style of fitting has a swivel nut, hence the name swivel female. 

The oil hose fitting is a push on hose end. You push the hose onto this fitting and the design of the barb ensures you do not need any other fixing or clamp to hold to hose on. You can download our Free book that includes a Push On Hose fitting guide -

These are British made by the largest UK manufacturer of hydraulic fittings and adaptors. They are made to the following specifications:

BSP Dimensions compatible with ISO 8434-6/BS5200
BSP Threads to BSENISO228-1:2003
Electro Plating to BSEN12329:2000 Fe/Zn8/CaT2

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