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Mocal 1ltr Oil Catch Can 471-01

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Mocal 1ltr Oil Catch Can 471-01 - Speedflow

Mocal brushed aluminium oil catch can 1ltr capacity. Easily interchangable from left to right hand. 

Engine crankcase breathing must be considered when preparing a wet sump car for competition. To avoid oil being deposited on the track the rules state that oil vapour must be either returned to the engine or to a suitable tank where the oil may be trapped. The normal system of sending oil to the inlet manifold is undesirable on a high performance engine.

Mocal 1 ltr (1 litre) oil catch cans (or tanks) are made from aluminium and have a top cap that is breathable. The tank has a sight tube on one side and two 1/2" hose connections on the other side. There is a drain plug at the base of the tank.

The handing of these tanks is reversable - the two 1/2" hose connections and the sight tube are interchangable and the unit comes with blanking plugs for unused tank ports.