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M20 to 3/4 UNF Oil Filter Fixing Spigot 570-M20-3/4

Our Price: £7.83
M20 to 3/4 UNF Oil Filter Fixing Spigot - Speedflow
A machined steel tube with M20 and 3/4 UNF external thread the whole length. Part M20 and part 3/4 UNF. This is a replacement oil filter fixing spigot that screws into the engine oil pump / filter housing to allow your oil filter or oil sandwich plate to fix to it. Usually required if you have an oil doughnut style heat exchanger that is being removed as these often have a long centre bolt that is discarded along with the doughnut. Other sizes are available - see listing page.

This version is useful if you have M20 thread in the engine and for what ever reason want to attach a sandwich plate or other unit that has 3/4 UNF thread (or vice versa)  The overall length of this item is 36.22mm - The M20 side is approximately 25.22mm and the 3/4 unf side is approximately 11mm.