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Laminova Oil to Water Coolers

C43 Laminova Oil Cooler

The Laminova C43 range of engine oil coolers are the most popular of all the Laminova oil cooler versions. 

Speedflow has an extensive listing for not only the three sizes of the C43 Laminova oil cooler, but all the various fittings, ports and spares.

We also list the Laminova fitting bracket that can be bought as a stand alone item or will be supplied FREE with any purchases of a Laminova Oil Cooler.

You can also specifiy an ofset oil port on the C43-182 (medium size) and C43-332 (large size) versions

The oil coolers are built to order and we can fulfill your order quickly - if you have a specific delivery date or an urgent requirment please call. We will do our best to meet your requirements.


The Laminova coolers:

  • Are resistant to crash damage.
  • Normally allow oil to get up to operating temperature more quickly.
  • Can be fitted anywhere.

Laminova Oil CoolerThe main components, the outer shell and the core(s) are aluminium extrusions.
The cores, through which the oil flows have been machined to provide fins 0.2 mm ( 7 thou) thick and 3mm high and spaced 0.3mm (11 thou) apart, such restrictive finning would normally cause a huge pressure drop, but by introducing channels in the finning, the oil flow is kept laminar as opposed to turbulent as in other cooler designs and the pressure drop remains low.
The water flows through the centre of the core,Laminova oil cooler core for most applications where the full pump flow is available (above 80 litres per minute) this works well, however where only a lesser flow is available as in by-pass installations e.g.the heater circuit on a road car is a by-pass, removable plugs/restrictors will force most of the water through the outer extruded channels.

 The C43 range has sizes shown in this diagram, overall lengths will vary depending on end fittings.

Laminova oil cooler size drawing

We stock the 43mm core diameter cooler in three lengths for most engine cooling applications.

It is difficult to come up with meaningful performance figures as these are dependent upon oil and water flow figures that are rarely known. A C43-90 would give similar performance to a 10 row oil to air cooler, a C43-180 to a 16 row and a C42-330 to a 25 row.

Waterside connections for 16mm, 18mm, 24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 35mm, 38mm, 45mm, 3/4NPT and 90deg 32mm bore hoses also -16, -20 and -24 JIC with 37deg seat threaded unions.
Oilside male connections for -6, -8, -10, -12 and -16 JIC with 37deg seat also 3/4BSP are stocked, others to special order.