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Laminova Bracket (pair)

Our Price: £12.85
Laminova Bracket  - Speedflow
This is a steel plated bracket manufactured to our specifications and is specifically made to fit on each end of the Laminova C43 oil cooler. The four bolts that hold the water connection in place are removed, the bracket placed over the water connection housing and then the bolts are replaced. You will need a T30 Torx socket for the Laminova water connection bolts and the tightening torque of these bolts is 12Nm.

This bracket is supplied FREE with orders for a new Laminova Oil Cooler from Speedflow. They can also be fitted to your new laminova at no cost. No need to add to the shopping cart because they will automatically be included with your order.

This bracket fits almost all the water connections. It will NOT fit the 45mm push on connector, the 32mm 90 deg push on connector or the -24 AN connector

Brackets supplied as a Pair