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Fuel Sampling Kit -06 Male/Female - 606-FSK1

Our Price: £104.05
Fuel Sampling Kit -06 Male/Female - 606-FSK1
As of 2015 the MSA states in its Blue Book [D(34)] that cars competing in British or MSA titled championships must have a system built in to enable taking a fuel sample.  Furthermore, if a dry break coupling is used, it must be FIA approved. 

This fuel sampling kit enables you to connect into your fuel system with a Male to Female adaptor.  It can be inserted wherever a male to female connection already exists - i.e. a female hose end onto a male adaptor.  Simply undo the hose end from the adaptor, insert the male to female adaptor and reconnect the hose end.  Both halves of the dry break coupling are valved to maintain the integrity of the fuel sample and are FIA approved.

Kit comprises of:

1 x Male to female -06 aluminium adaptor with 1/8th npt side port
1 x Valved female FD90 Aeroquip steel coupling with push pull action
      (female 1/8th npt for hose connection)
1 x Valved male FD90 Aeroquip steel coupling (male 1/8th npt to fit adaptor)
1 x Dust cap for male half
1 x 2m hose assembly with swaged 1/8th npt connection to fit female FD90