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Dual Core Laminova Oil Cooler Kit

Our Price: £281.70
Dual Core Laminova Oil Cooler Kit - Speedflow
The Dual Core Laminova Oil Cooler kit fits to any C43 Laminova Oil Cooler. This is not the entire Laminova unit, it is the add on dual core section as highlighted in the images below. It creates a dual core oil cooler that can cool engine oil and transmission oil at the same time. This kit is installed at one end of the C43 Laminova OIl Cooler (any of the three sizes). The existing coolant port is then installed at the end of the dual core Laminova oil cooler kit.

Dual core Laminova Oil Cooler

This kit consists of the following parts:
  • Housing. 90mm housing with modified oil ports
  • Core. 90mm core, a regular core
  • Connecting Flange. Special machined flange to connect the cores and housing units. Includes O rings and gaskets.
  • Fixing bolts. Four long allen head bolts.
  • -06 AN oil adaptors. Male to male adaptors that thread into the housing and give -06 AN male ports for your oil hoses to connect to. Includes O rings
Parts of the dual core laminova oil cooler

If purchased with a new Laminova Oil Cooler it will be supplied installed and ready to use. 

If you have any questions of would like to know more, please call or email Speedflow.