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Billet Aluminium Ball Valve # 650

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Our Price: £80.50
Billet Aluminium Ball Valve # 650 - Speedflow
Speedflow machined aluminium ball valves Part no. 650. These ball valves are available in sizes -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN and -12 AN. They are compatible with air, water, oil and all regular fuels. Speedflow has added these to its product line up as a result of design, development and trial work over the past few racing seasons.
These are key features of the Aluminium Ball Valves.;
  • The internal bore is full flow even at the ball, there is no reduction in diameter
  • The control lever can be repositioned
  • The control lever has a 4.5mm hole to allow control cables (Morse type or other) or control equipment to be connected
  • The top face of the ball valve (under the control lever) is machined flat and it has pre-drilled and threaded fixing holes (supplied with two dome head bolts) to allow this valve to be fitted through a panel or bracket. The ability to securely hold this in position will be critical in serious motor sport applications. 
The ball valves are available in blue or black anodised finish as standard. We can have them anodised in any regular or custon colour to order. 

We have written an article on the Speedflow AN Aluminium Ball Valves that includes dimensions and other information. You can read the aluminium ball valve page here.