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AN Male to NPT male with 1/8 NPT Side Port

Speedflow AN to NPT male to male adaptors that have a 1/8 NPT side port. Machined from aliminium and anodised. 

This is a useful way of including a take off for a gauge or auxilary line. Please note, that unlike the swivel AN to AN fitting with 1/8NPT side port, it is not possible to 'point' the 1/8NPT side port, as this position will be governed by the tightening of the fitting into the NPT female thread. Some fine tuning may be possible by varying the amount of PTFE tape applied to the NPT threads. One other concideration should be the proximity of the female threaded item and any surounding casting - this could restrict the use of a gauge. Please call to discuss details or if you want to check critical dimensions.