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Aeroquip Startlite

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Aeroquip Startlite - Speedflow

Aeroquip Startlite - Please note that Aeroquip have removed the red tracer from this product.

Aeroquip Startlite racing hose is probably the most technically advance hose you could choose to use. Startlite racing hose has a neoprene inner tube, reinforced with fire retardant Nomex & Kevlar cover. That's it, no wire braiding or anything else.

Prices quoted are per Metre, if you purchase over the phone we can charge pro-rata on specific lengths

The Nomex and Kevlar woven outer cover has a red tracer thread to help identify it from other hoses that have a similar appearance.  It is this mix of Nomex and Kevlar that give this hose its pressure rating and superior resistance to abrasion.

Aeroquip Startlite is quoted by the manufacturer as being 300% (3 times) as resistant to abrasion as any comparable hose. Aeroquip Startlite is the lightest AN Hose available because it does not rely upon or need any stainless steel wire braiding.

This hose also has excellent insulative values that mean that even when having fluids at 100ºC it can be handled.
Speedflow stocks -04 AN up to -20 AN.

Use with
100 Series AN hose ends
Temperature range -45 deg C to + 150 deg C
Fully compatible with all 100 series AN hose ends  

aeroquip startlite hose information chart

Want Hose Ends Fitted to Your Aeroquip Startlite Hose?

We will be pleased to fit 100 Series AN hose ends to your Aeroquip Startlite hose for you free of charge. We offer this to customers who purchase the hose ends and hose from Speedflow Products Limited.


Speedflow does much more than just sell parts. Something that is important is to ensure customers have a great buying experience. Here are a few things we do to help customers who want to fit hose ends themselves:
  • AN Hose & Fitting Guide - download your free copy that has step by step hose fitting guides and much more.
  • Advice - If you are unsure of any aspect of your project, what parts will work best or want to check for different options then get in touch. We know our stuff.
  • Speedflow has a short article about Aeroquip Startlite hose.