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3/4 UNF Tank Breather & Shut Off - 610-TRV86

Our Price: £40.06

The 610-TRV86 fuel tank breather with shut off to stop fuel from exiting via the breather in a roll over or over fuelling situation. Under normal conditions the fuel tank is open to atmosphere and allowed to breathe. A vent pipe must be fitted to ensure fumes do not collect in the vehicle. 

Requires 3/4 UNF female port (-8 AN) to fit into. Could be fixed with nut if access to the inside of tank is possible.  

Specification for 610-TRV86

  • Outside Diameter A = 25.0mm
  • Internal body length B = 28.0mm
  • Overall length C = 55.0mm
  • Tank thread = 3/4 UNF same as -8 AN
  • Outlet thread = 9/16 UNF same as -6 AN
  • Weight = 26.5g
  • Mounting hole size = 3/4
  • Material = Aluminium alloy 6082
  • Finish = Anodised Red
  • Flow Capacity = 1.0ltrs/sec

Machined from aluminium with red anodised finish.