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2000 Series Crimped Brake Hoses

100% 303grade Stainless Steel fittings
Swaged manufacturing process
SVA and DOT compliant
Improved braking efficiency
Ready to install

Speedflow's 2000 Series hose is manufactured and designed to exceed Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Standard MVSS-106. Our assemblies increase safety and brake response due to no appreciable volumetric expansion eliminating the “spongey” feel often found with original manufacturers’ rubber hoses.

The kit will come with ready made hoses and have any associated banjo bolts and copper washers.

Our hose is available in a clear coating or a range of colours.

Below we list the components that make up the hose end selection and other associated parts.

You can buy online or by discussing your requirments direct with our office. Either way you will recieve our best attention.

How to buy your hose online

1. Choose the hose end style you require (straight, angled or banjo etc) from the options below. Each one has a drop down box to confirm seat type and thread type.

2. Remember you need to purchase a Ferrule for each hose end that will be crimped on.

3. Remember to purchase a banjo bolt if you are having a banjo hose end.

4. Choose your hose colour and length per hose from the -03 Teflon Hose option and at this stage you will be able to confirm the number of hoses, two hose ends being fitted and details of length in a customer detail text box, as well as any other information.

If you need adaptors to fit into calipers, master cylinders or line locks please look at the 'Brake & Clutch Adaptors & Fittings' category for a large range of fittings, or call our office to discuss your requirements or to recieve advice on what parts should be used.

The components below will have drop down boxes to confirm thread and seat types where necessary.