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-3 AN Plastic Coated Teflon Hose (£/0.1mtr) 2000-03

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Our Price: £0.83

-3 AN Teflon hose specification

  • Temperature range -73 deg Centigrade to +232 deg Centigrade
  • I.D. 0.13" or 1/8" (3.3mm)
  • O.D. 0.25"
  • Operating pressure (max) 3,000psi
  • Burst pressure (min) 12,000psi
  • Bend Radius (min) 1.50"

PTFE tube with a single stainless steel braided cover and a choice of plastic coatings.

Priced per 10cm - confirm your overall hose length for all hoses at the next stage of purchasing . Note - if you want hoses in two or more different colours please place mutiple hos orders for each quantity.

Hose lengths should be from centre of hose end seat/banjo to centre of hose end seat/banjo.

Hose Colours

'Clear' coatings

Clear coated

Denim blue

Carbon effect

Electric blue

Solid Coatings